Modular, containerised air filtration

AIRCURE takes a standard used container, and repurposes it with a new life as an air filtration system to clean the environment, and get rid of unwanted old containers in a single product.

Supply your own containers for an even lower-cost solution.

  • HEPA Filters are optional - we can supply any level of filtration to suit your budget
  • Redesigned fan for increased capacity
  • Small footprint
  • Modular - building block construction
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can scale size to air requirements
  • Transported easily on the back of a regular container truck
  • Red/green pressure indicating system
  • Locally manufactured in South Africa
  • Can be exported worldwide
  • Spares and parts easily available

AIRCURE Environomic Features

AIRCURE contributes to your Triple Bottom Line by offering products that are not only cost-effective, but contribute positively to the environment - reclaiming used containers or materials to avoid these heading into landfills. But AIRCURE is going a step further by giving these items a new life, allowing them to contribute to a cleaner environment.

This goes beyond simply removing or storing things in an environmentally friendly manner - they are reclaimed and become part of a larger environmental solution, rather than merely a solved problem.

Reclaimed Containers

Uses reclaimed containers to reduce costs and impact on environment. Supply your own containers to solve two problems - get rif of unwanted 'junk' and transform it into a air cleaning unit.

Green Ducting

All pipework/ducting/foot mountings made from used 40 gallon steel drums. Supply your own to reduce costs and reduce enviornmental impact.


Beyond Repurposing

Instead of simply repurposing containers to be used as accommodation or storage, AIRCURE gives it a higher purpose and a new life - instead of simply removing a problem, AIR CONTAINER actually contributes to the solution by cleaning the air in the environment.

Green mountings

Anti-Vibration mountings for fan formed from discarded car tyres


Optional solar panel for all internal lights and controls

Redesigned fans

Redesigned fan blades and construction to optimise on energy efficiency

Green filters

Filters created from recycled materials

Re-used shipping pallets

Loose spare parts shipped on re-used pallets