HEPA air filtration for removal of respirable dust in a modular form.

To truly beat silicosis, HEPA filtration is required to remove the dangerous sub-micron particles.

The AIR MOD5 HEPA provides modular, multi-stage, ultra-high efficiency HEPA filtration to save lives. Making use of H10 HEPA filters allows for 97% initial efficiency at 0.5 µm.

  • Independent laboratory tests show initial efficiency of 97% at 0.5 µm (0.5 micron)
  • Compact HEPA Filtration in a modular form
  • The ‘National Programme for the Elimination of Silicosis’, recommends supplying cleaning equipment with HEPA filters*
  • AIRCURE has redesigned the fan with modified blades for increased capacity
  • Small footprint 
  • Modular - building block construction
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can scale size to air requirements
  • Transported in kit form
  • Packaged in accordance with site requirements (fits in mine’s carts and cages)
  • Red/green pressure indicating system
  • Locally manufactured in South Africa
  • Can be exported worldwide
  • Spares and parts easily available
  • HEPA Filters are optional - we can supply any level of filtration to suit your budget. Enquire about our budget options for supplying the AIR MOD5 withoput a fan or ducting to allow you to use your existing equipment to reduce costs.
  • See the AIR MOD5inline for compact inline configuration of the AIR MOD5. Click here.

AIRCURE Environomic Features

AIRCURE contributes to your Triple Bottom Line by offering products that are not only cost-effective, but contribute positively to the environment - reclaiming used containers or materials to avoid these heading into landfills. But AIRCURE is going a step further by giving these items a new life, allowing them to contribute to a cleaner environment.

This goes beyond simply removing or storing things in an environmentally friendly manner - they are reclaimed and become part of a larger environmental solution, rather than merely a solved problem.

HEPA Filters

Using HEPA filters removes not only visible dust, but deadly invisible particles as well.

Green Ducting

Ducting can be produced from reclaimed 50-gallon drums

Reclaimed Fan Mounts

Using reclaimed old car tyres, we can avoid using costly fan mounts and resurrect waste rubber tyres for a higher purpose

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