Patented Product : Patent Number – 2017/03515; P76665ZP00
Removes 99,97% of particles larger than 17,5 micron size.  CFD study/test conducted.

What it’s for:

The Cycloduct is a horizontal cyclone that is designed to remove medium to large particles from an air stream by using centrifugal forces. The Cycloduct can be fitted to all size inlet ducts and primarily acts as a high efficient pre-filter to all filter systems.

How it works:

A fixed blade spins the incoming air towards the outside of the tube and using centrifugal forces to displace medium to large particles, thereby separating the particles with mass.

  • Extremely effective at removing both bulk and smaller particles
  • Can be fitted into any size airstream
  • Effective in both horizontal and vertical installations
  • Positive results in extending the life of existing replacement filters
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Locally manufactured in South Africa
  • Fits to new or existing filter systems
  • 40% Cheaper that traditional vertical cyclones
  • Could work on its own or in conjunction with any other filter system
  • Any existing filter system ie: Baghouses, electrostatic or multi stage
  • Tipping, crushing and transfer points
  • Compressor houses or Winder room intakes
  • Sub-station pressurization
  • Laboratories
  • Stack emissions (Dry particles)
  • Fresh Air Intakes
  • Bulk dust collection
  • Sandblasting / Shot blasting
Table of Results
Particle Size AC08 MOD7
1 Micron 57.58%
10 Micron 80.47%
17.5 Micron 99.97%
25 Micron 100.00%
50 Micron 100.00%
100 Micron 100.00%

The Cycloduct underwent a CFD study and this product has been patented. For more information on the CFD study please contact us.

Patented product: Patent number – 2017/03515; P76665ZP00