AIR CONTAINER Modular, containerised air filtration Find out more
AIR CURTAIN Creates an invisible barrier to dust and fumes Find out more
AIR CYCLODUCT Inline cyclone pre-filtration for the removal of large, heavy particles. Find out more
AIR MOD5 HEPA AIR MOD5 HEPA HEPA air filtration for removal of respirable dust in a modular form. Find out more
AIR SHOWER De-dusting people and products Find out more
AIRHEAD Revolutionary 360° air curtain personal protection helmet Find out more
Biohazard Safety Cabinet Biohazard Safety Cabinet Operator, Product and Environmental Protection Find out more
Laboratory Fume Cabinet Laboratory Fume Cabinet Operator Protection Find out more
Laminar Flow Cabinet Laminar Flow Cabinet Product Protection Find out more
AIR CUBE Manual filtration Off-the-shelf convenience Pressurise or extraction options... Find out more
AIR MOD5inline Available with HEPA air filtration for removal of respirable dust - Independent... Find out more