Radically reducing particulate matter emissions.


Innovating clean air solutions for 30 years.

The new frontier in clean air.

Our patented in-line horizontal cyclones harness the principle of centrifugal force that drives the removal of particles from an air stream.

Combined with secondary stages of filtration, levels of particulate emissions previously unheard-of can be achieved.

(Animation of CYCLODUCT)


Our products CYCLODUCT and CYCLOGRIT are designed using the principle of cyclonic separation.

The CYCLODUCT is a single unit typically installed in a circular ducting, and CYCLOGRIT is a collection of CYCLODUCTS placed within a rectangular / square ductwork.

Comprehensive CFD studies, tests and case studies are available on request.

(Animation of CYCLOGRIT)


Introducing cyclonic separation before our baghouses reduces the overall running costs and increases the efficiency.

We have two types of baghouses:
BAGHOUSE S is made from virgin steel, which BAGHOUSE SC is designed using brand new shipping containers.


(Animation of CYCLODUCT plus BAGHOUSE S)

AIRCURE provides solutions today that will radically reduce fossil fuel emissions.

They can be retrofitted to existing systems to remove vast amounts of particulate matter.

This will have the net effect of increasing overall efficiency and reducing the running costs of bag filters or ESP components.

Results are Everything.

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